About Intouch Display

intouch is the UK’s leading provider of touch screen display systems, designed specifically for estate agents. 

Our parent company, SmithBrewer, specialises in interior design for the retail sector. Their technicians were working on ways of enhancing the customer in-store experience, using interactive displays combined with additional technologies, when they first hit upon evolving the through-glass touch screen for use in retail window displays. The concept lent itself in particular to estate agents' window displays, where space often limits the number of properties that can be displayed at any one time. And so, intouch display was born.  

We have used our knowledge and expertise to develop a system that will deliver considerable benefits to estate agents, without creating additional work. Our flag-ship product, the through-glass touch screen, is the result of years of painstaking research, development and rigorous testing. The end result is a superior system that is purpose-built and made to last. We are delighted to have recently achieved the acclaimed British Standards Institute (BSI) Kitemark, a certification that demonstrates our commitment to excellence and best practice, as well as assuring our legal compliance to all relevant directives and regulations. 

Superior technology

We were the first to launch through-glass touch screen display units in the UK and we remain the market leader. Everything we make is built in-house, using only top quality components. Our screens are housed in our own bespoke units, created to work with the agent's in-store design and layout. Our robust system has been rigorously tested, and we know that no other system delivers the same high quality functionality. 

  • Custom-built using top quality components

  • Ultra-bright, high-resolution screen (displayed at 3,500 NITS) readable even in direct sunlight

  • Inbuilt cooling system ensures that the screen does not overheat, even in the hottest temperatures

  • Integrates seamlessly with key estate agency property management systems

  • Property details automatically uploaded - requiring no double-entry and no additional administration

exceptional Customer service

We offer a nationwide installation service, using only our own highly trained and experienced engineers. All installations are carried out efficiently and with a minimum of fuss.  Our fully managed systems are monitored 24/7, providing complete peace of mind.  Customers are genuinely delighted by the quality of service they receive from intouch, and the pride we take in everything we do.

our commitment to innovation 

Our commitment to innovation keeps us at the cutting edge of our sector. Our focus on estate agencies ensures everything we do is designed and purpose-built to meet their needs. Our software has been developed to integrate seamlessly with key estate agency property management systems, allowing all property details to be automatically uploaded and displayed on our systems. 

Case studies

Estate agents are increasingly recognising the value of having an intouch through-glass touch screen installed as part of thier window display.  Read what our clients have to say about their experience of having a touch screen and working with intouch. 

Bloxham and Barlow

We were looking to have a new window display installed when we came across intouch. We all felt having a through-glass touch screen would be beneficial for our business...

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Hunters - Beverley

Hunters estate agents in Beverley were looking for a different way of show casing their properties in their shop window. A portrait through-glass touch screen turned out to be the perfect solution...

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Andrew & Co

Andrew & Co is a substantial property agent with branches located throughout Kent. They heard about intouch through-glass touch screen through the NAEA, seeing a demonstration convinced them to get one installed.

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Intouch product range

Through Glass Touch Screen

Be stand out with an intouch through-glass touch screen. Draw attention to your properties with our high impact, ultra-bright through-glass touch screen...

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Internal Wall Mounted Touch Screen

An internal wall-mounted touch screen allows you to display your entire property portfolio in-store for clients to browse at leisure...

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Internal Lectern

The Lectern is useful where there is limited space. Like the table-mounted screen, it allows a shared experience helping you engage more easily with clients...

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Internal Table

Our table-mounted screen allows a shared experience, helping you engage more easily with clients. Favourite properties can be saved and emailed to the client.

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External Touch Screen

No shop window - no problem. You can create a high-street presence for your estate agency with an external wall-mounted touch screen...

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Tablet App

The intouch tablet app allows you to take your portfolio with you wherever you go. Use it for presentations in the office or take it along to viewings...

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